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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Latest Better Living Global Marketing News

Is #BLGM Considering a Clawback?

Click My BLGM Review to learn what a clawback is and how it will affect your portfolio.


Is #BLGM Using Scare Tactics to Keep People Quiet?

Click How to Avoid Scams to learn how con men like Bernie Madoff used scare tactics to keep their investor silent.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Is the Ultra Cash Formula a SCAM?

At first I did not think that the Ultra Cash Formula was a scam but then I did some research...

This is what I discovered;

Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Very Sad Better Living Global Marketing Story

I've been reading some sad stories from #BLGM investors...this is just one of them;

Click image to view larger size

Read more sad stories from investors at #BLGM Updates.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

BLGM to Release Millions

To all my Better Living Global Marketing Friends

I don't want to get your hopes up but this is what I've been hearing lately...


Good luck to you all!

Better Living Global Marketing New Announcements

Monday, February 3, 2014

Latest Better Living Global Marketing (BLGM) News

Here's the latest response to my Better Living Global Marketing Review:

Stay tuned for more breaking news about #BLGM.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Is BLGM the Real Deal or Just Another Scam?

Here's another response to my Better Living Global Marketing Review:

Better Living Global Marketing Scam

Is there anyone out there who has something positive to say about #BLGM?

Don't Fall for The Better Living SCAM!

Another response to my Better Living Global Marketing Review:

Do you have a BLGM story (pro or con)? Leave it here;  

Friday, January 31, 2014

Is Better Living Global Marketing (BLGM) a SCAM?

Here's a Potential SCAM Alert!

"Better Living is huge here in Southern California with the Latino and Asian communities. They hold daily conferences and have sucked so many people into their get rich quick payouts. I know countless people involved with this company but none have received actual cash payouts. I personally strongly feel this is a huge scam but they hype you so hard in their meetings that people..."

Do you have a BLGM story (pro or con) leave it here;

Better Living Global Marketing Comments


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Friday, December 6, 2013

How to Make Money Online

Most people don't know how to make money online.  Click the image below and learn how you can learn how to build an online business from someone who knows how to do it for FREE.  

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Power of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is just a day away and it's around this time that people really start thinking about gratitude. But gratitude is something that you should be thinking about and practicing all year round.  

Did you know that research conducted by a major US university indicates that simply practicing gratitude on a regular basis can raise your happiness by as much by 25 percent?  

This research has suggested that practicing gratitude on a regular makes you more resilient, strengthens relationships, and it improves your health.

Grateful people are more resilient.  They are able to bounce back from adversity.  They are more likely to seek help in dealing with problems.  They are more likely to face problems head on and spend more time figuring out how to deal with the problem.  They are also more likely to view the problem as something from which a lesson can be learned.  They have more control over their environment.  They are more open to self improvement and personal growth.  They have more of an interest in the purpose of life.  They even have higher levels of self esteem and self acceptance.

Grateful people have stronger and better relationships than people who are less grateful.  According to an article in the Journal of Marketing, an experiment found that customers of a jewelry store who were called and thanked showed a 70% increase in purchases.  Customers who were thanked and told about an upcoming sale showed a 30% increase in purchases.  Customers who were not called at all did not show an increase.  According to an article in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, a study revealed that regular patrons of a restaurant gave bigger tips when servers wrote “Thank you” on their checks.

Grateful people are healthier than their less grateful counter parts.  They have higher levels of happiness and lower levels of stress and depression.  They sleep better.  Recent studies suggest that gratitude may have a unique and powerful relationship with well-being that other personality traits do not.

So, how do you increase your level of gratitude?  Start with family, friends, customers, business associates, co-workers and even the strangers you encounter every day.  Say thank you when someone holds the door open for you.  Send a heartfelt greeting card to someone letting them know how grateful you are that they are in your life.  Studies have shown this to be one of the most powerful means of expressing gratitude.  An article in Social Behavior and Personality suggests that sending greeting cards has an immediate and long lasting positive effect on both the card sender and the recipient.  I know how great I feel every time I send a card and I know how great the folks who receive them feel because they usually contact me to let me know.  An article in Vanderbilt University’s PsycARTICLES indicates that gratitude increases the well-being not only of the individual but for all people involved.

Thank you for stopping by!

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of the virtues but the parent of all others.” ~ Cicero

If you'd like to improve your life and the lives of others I invite you to take the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge;  http://www.socgratitude.com/rcbonay

What is the Gratitude Challenge?

The challenge is to express gratitude to at least 1 person a day, anywhere in the world, for any reason, for 30 consecutive days by sending a real greeting card with a heartfelt message using the SendOutCards system.

RC Bonay

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Long Island Clam Hunt

Hand harvesting wild clams under the glow of a full moon can be a pleasantly primitive experience. As sunset approaches, my wife, Margaree, and I seek out the most secluded parts of the beach where we embark on our clam hunt like ancient tropical island villagers. First, I go about selecting a hefty, grapefruit sized rock, which will be used to locate the clams, while Margaree collects porcelain like seashells that will be used for digging up the clams (just like, we imagine, our ancestors did). Next, we take our places along the shoreline sharing in the knowledge of primitive clam harvesters, that the biggest and most succulent clams are often found buried in the moist sand along the shoreline. Then, like a speechless man-ape, I stand in ankle deep water, my toes dug into the sand beneath me, waiting for the tide to begin to recede. At that moment, I lift the heavy rock above my head and just when the ocean water has cleared my feet, I release the weighty boulder away from my body. As the primitive tool lands with an impressive thud we spot a miniature geyser erupt from the smooth tightly packed sand as the frightened clam (just like its crustacean ancestors had done hundreds, even thousands of years ago) spits water into the sky. Before you know it, Margaree, like a wild, famished, banshee-girl, is at the spot digging furiously with the seashell. Seconds later, the exposed hopeless clam, trapped and with no place to escape, is extracted from the hole and placed in a bag. We exchange a quick triumphant glance before repeating this simple, aboriginal act under the light of the ageless moon, not stopping until we have gathered enough clams for an unsophisticated meal before a crudely built fire under a night sky filled with faded, prehistoric stars. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How to Draw a Cartoon Horse

I often start with a stick figure when I draw cartoons.  Once you have your stick figure it's easy to add form to it.  If you practice this for any length of time you're going to get very good at it.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity Awareness

I recently attended a diversity awareness training session where I learned that one of the cornerstones of diversity is "inclusion". Inclusion, according to one definition, is the "understanding, respecting, valuing, and accommodating of human and cultural differences to maximize the potential of each employee for the good of the business". This is my favorite of the four diversity cornerstones (the other three being Outreach Programs, Equal Employment Opportunity, and Affirmative Action) because it is the most basic and it can't be regulated. I discussed this with a friend who said, "If we all got real good at practicing inclusion we wouldn't need the other three!"

Case Study

I was in the lab the other day observing different groups of people to see first hand how my fellow employees were practicing inclusion. This case study involves four groups of people. Each group was diversified in terms of race, culture and/or gender. One group in particular intrigued me more than the rest. It was the group comprised of just two people and I somehow found it the most diverse of all the groups.

Group One:

She was an attractive Asian-Indian young lady with a dark brown complexion. He was a dark skinned African-American. They were engaged in conversation and she seemed highly focused on him. She was looking right at him the whole time, smiling as she spoke and laughing at some of the things he said. He seemed to be less engaged, maybe that was just his way. One of the things that intrigued me was that she had been dating a different African American fellow who happened to be as light skinned as this one was dark. I began to wonder if darker Indian women were held in less regard in Indian society than lighter Indian women and if that had any impact on her preferences in men. But what did any of this have to do with practicing the art of inclusion for the good of the business? Very little, but still I was intrigued.

This may shed more light on it...

Nina Davuluri: Miss America Beauty Queen Triggers Some Ugliness In Both US And India

Group Two:

This group was made up of three young white guys, a Chinese-American guy, a very young, cute, white female intern, and an older, over weight, openly gay white woman. I found this to be a very inclusive group. They seemed to understand, respect, value, and accommodate human and cultural differences.

Group Three:

This group consisted of a tall, bald, chatty black guy, a taciturn visitor from Japan, and an exotic looking, copper-toned lady from Venezuela. I found this to be a partially inclusive group in that the guys were pretty much ignoring each other. They did at least seem to understand, respect, value, and accommodate her and she seemed to reciprocate. Part of the problem here may have just been the language barriers.

That brings us to the last group which, despite being the most experienced, I found to be the least effective in terms of being inclusive.

Group Four:

This group consisted of the following individuals:

  • Ron - a confident, assertive, extroverted black man in his forties.
  • Joyce - a somewhat attractive, intelligent, insecure, white woman in her thirties.
  • Purvi - a confident, beautiful, and reserved Asian-Indian woman in her forties.
  • Gloria - a serious, anal retentive, white woman in her thirties.
  • Keith - a confident, assertive, introverted white man in his thirties.
  • Frank - who hails from Kentucky, is an old fashioned, quiet man in his sixties.
  • Rich - an intelligent, quiet, business-like man in his forties.

Ron's aggressive style did not sit well with Joyce or Gloria. He didn't mean to but he was capable of bringing them to tears with a single rampage. His style did not sit well with Keith; they sometimes found it difficult to find common ground. But they did respect one another, if only grudgingly. Ron tended to avoid Frank but got along fine with Rich and Purvi.

Joyce's relationship with Ron and Keith was dysfunctional; she sometimes let her emotions get the better of her. She practically ignores Gloria and Purvi. The respect she showed for Frank and Rich wasn't returned.

Purvi is a pleasure to be around. Her even temperament allows her to work with all of the different personalities in the group.

Gloria can be a pleasure to be around until things don't go her way. She is very difficult to reason with and as such finds it difficult to work with Ron and Keith. She interacts with Joyce only when it is absolutely required. She gets along great with Purvi, Frank and Rich (as long as things go her way).

Keith can be demanding but is usually fair. His even temperament allows him to work with all of the different personalities in the group (as long as you're not getting in the way of progress).

Frank, the team leader, is still grappling to understand and accept the new initiatives to diversify the workplace. He feels that Ron can sometimes be too big for his britches but he tolerates him because he does get the job done. He greatly admires Keith and Rich. He treats the ladies as a true gentleman of the South would treat a lady. He may be retiring soon.

Rich is a pleasure to be around. His even temperament allows him to work with all of the different personalities in the group (even when someone is getting in the way of progress).


My conclusion is that the newer, younger generation of engineers (or workers in any profession) is more capable of practicing inclusion and more accepting of diversity in general. The older generation has come a long way in terms of understanding, respecting, valuing, and accommodating human and cultural differences to maximize the potential of each employee for the good of the business, but it has plenty of room for improvement.

RC Bonay
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

This is my Son...there are many like him but this one is mine...

Happy Birthday Son!

You are an amazing Son and have always been...

And now you have a Son, and a Daughter....

And you are passing your amazing-ness...


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Redlite Greenlite 123--How to get the girl, guy, or life of your dreams.

An adapted screenplay by RC Bonay  based in part on "DO IT" by the late Peter McWilliams


BOB, a shy office worker, is about to introduce himself to SUSAN, a cute receptionist.

(to self)           
Well, here goes….

Just then, REDLITE, his negative self-consciousness, springs into action…


OH NO!!!

Bob notices that GREENLITE, his positive self-consciousness is dozing nearby.

Hey, Greenlite, HELP!!!

Greenlite wakes up and springs into action…

I thought you’d never ask!

(imitating BOB)
I didn’t ask! Stay over there where you belong!

No, Greenlite, come here! That was Redlite talking!

I know buddy, here I am.

(imitating BOB)
Thank you, now go away!

Don’t listen, that was Redlite again.

I’m not going anywhere…and don’t you listen to Redlite either.  You can do the thing you want to do.  You know you can.
But I’m afraid!

You know FEAR means “DON’T DO IT!”  Everyone knows that!

Fear is the energy to do your best in a new situation.  So, naturally you’re afraid…why not use the energy?

Oh, right!

Oh, WRONG!!!  What if she rejects you?  You’ll feel GUILTY and MISERABLE and you’ll DESERVE it!

Oh No!!!

Guilt is being angry with yourself and anger is the energy to make change.  Is this new experience something that will harm you or another?


No, it’s just new…and different.

It WILL hurt you emotionally.  You shouldn’t do anything that will make you uncomfortable.  It’s dangerous…it can kill you!  You can have a heart attack…or a stroke!

Oh, give it a break…

Speaking of breaks, you might break an arm or your neck!

(to BOB)
Is this step you’re afraid to take moving you in the direction of your dreams?


Then DO IT!

(to BOB)
You’re not worthy of this.  Who do you think you are?

GREENLITE zooms over to confront REDLITE…


NO! I’m gonna stay right here and ruin everything!  It’s my job and I love it!

Bob, is this a step towards your heart’s desire?



Greenlite expands in an attempt to block out Redlite’s influence.

Then you’re worthy of it.

Greenlite expands even more bin an attempt to block out Redlite’s influence.

You’ll FAIL!!!

Yeah, I might…

Greenlite expands even more bin an attempt to block out Redlite’s influence.

If you do then you’ll learn from the failure, but I don’t think you’ll fail.

Redlite is all but obscured…

You’ll be let down!  You feelings will be hurt!  You’ll feel bad, terrible, miserable, deserted…Hey, I can’t see!

Greenlite has completely obscured Redlite from view…

Hey, get off of me!

You’ll be fined.  You don’t have to respond to anything that happens to you with hurt…just respond with Love.


Just remember that beneath the hurt and the anger is love.  I can’t hold back Redlite forever so the next time he shows up we shower him with LOVE!

Just then Redlite frees himself from Greenlites bondage…

I’m back!








REDLITE disappears…

OK, so let’s do it…

Let’s do it!

They head over to SUSAN’S desk but she is GONE!

Where’d she go?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Adventures of Z Man

The Adventures of Z Man
By RC Bonay


Saturday night at the club...GARY Z, as usual, was putting on an amazing show.  The fans, as usual, were having a blast.  Meanwhile, trouble was lurking just outside...


The MAN was forcing his act upon every venue that would bend to his will.

I am the MAN, please step aside!

I don't care if you're the POPE...you're gonna need and ARMY to get past me!

No problem!

About 20 of the MAN's loyal fans in white t shirts and shaved heads come out of nowhere and crash the club entrance.

(in unison)



OK everybody...this show is over and the real one is about to begin!


Oh no!  What are we going to do?

(in unison)
You can get out of the way and let the MAN put on his show!

JULIE, the gorgeous house drummer, wonders out loud...

Hmmm, I wonder where Gary disappeared to?

The MAN's fat greasy promoter comes on stage and introduces the MAN...

Ladies and gents, without further delay, I present to you the greatest entertainer in the world...THE MAN!!!

Just then Z-MAN drops onto the stage (IRON MAN style).

Did someone say Z-MAN?

CUTE GIRL in crowd (and others) looks relieved.

Thank heavens...it's Z-Man!

The MAN is furious at this interruption.

He is NOT The MAN...I AM!

Z-MAN invokes is sub-sonic sleep inducing Z-POWER in the direction of the MAN's ARMY.

NO! I am Z-MAN and YOU are getting sleepy!

The MAN's ARMY starts to yawn in unison.

(in unison)
Wow...we're getting really, really sleepy (group yawn).

The MAN and his fat greasy promoter flee.

You haven't heard the last from me Z-MAN.

Hooray for Z-MAN!!

(in unison)
Hooray for Z-MAN!!

As the ARMY is carted away, the POLICE LT. asks JULIE to pass a message along to Z-MAN.

Tell Z-MAN thanks...those dudes have been crashing clubs all over town.


Later, JULIE confronts Gary Z in his dressing room.

Why it whenever there’s trouble you disappear and Z-MAN shows up?

Gee, Julie, what can I say?

Inspired by the music of my friend Gary Z

Check him out;